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Romantic Birthday Ideas For Him

Looking for romantic birthday ideas for him for your beloved to make an unforgettable birthday and ignite the flame of love on the special occasion of the year.  As the word romantic comes in mind, a candle light dinner, long vacation, a romantic gift comes in mind but all that things have become little old and common.  You can have an innovative and creative romantic birthday ideas for him in this site.

There are many circumstances and things which lead to creative and different Romantic birthday ideas for him. Before planning anything for your sweetheart, you need to research and analysis his/her views and desires for birthday as everyone has unique perceptions for birthdays and its celebration. Romantic birthday ideas for him varies with your relationship with your mate, age, gender and even weather can elect birthday idea.  Find the best romantic birthday ideas for him to prove your love and care to him with the heart warming and creative birthday ideas.

Romantic Birthday Ideas For Him

Naughty Jar

The most romantic gift ideas for him can be the naughty jar in which you can put down some paper chits. Mention one romantic aspect of your relationship or any romantic act which you can do for your mate. Gift your mate that naughty jar and ask him to pick up one chit in every hour of his special day. With naughty jar, you are actually giving him opportunity to rule you for the day with all the romantic things in mind and make his birthday the most special day of his life.

Call His Friends

Give him a surprise by calling all his friends at home and make a guy’s party. Get all the things like drinks, dancers and music of his choice.  Being a girl this is little tough to arrange a guy’s party but you can do with the help of his friends and prove your love by walking on the different lane.

Write A Poem

This is not possible that any romantic idea can be completed with poems, songs and music. Either it’s his birthday or anniversary with you, a romantic poem will always plays the significant role in confiding love and romance to your partner.  Just pour your heart on a piece of paper with some rhythmic words and feelings of heart.


Money can’t buy love; the famous proverb has proved its meaning lot of time. In your own relation, you can test it by giving all the time and understanding to your partner on his birthday and skip all your cleaning, cooking and office work aside.  Romantic birthday ideas for him are something can’t be learn from outside and being with your partner to understand him and make him your priority of life.

Other Romantic Birthday Ideas For Him

  1. Try a Fun E-card Surprise
  2. Relaxing Bubble Bath with a Shoulder Massage
  3. Handmade Gifts
  4. Romantic Dinner for Two
  5. Bake a cake
  6. Visit the place you met first
  7. Watch romantic movies
  8. Bunch of flowers
  9. Surprise vacation
  10. Visit Karaoke and sing for him
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