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Birthday Party Movies

Birthday Party Movies can make a normal birthday party more entertaining and full of fun. Children wait for their birthday to call all their friends at home and celebrate with them or to get birthday presentsArranging a birthday party movie for the children is a great idea and gift to the child from their parents. Almost every child has fun to watch movie with the friends and it is not that tough to do for your child.

You need to vacate one room at your home and adjust comfortable seats for all the kids coming in the party, The TV screen should be the big one and you may get it rented from market. Put sofa, bean bags and some comfortable seats for the children and the biggest thing is to provide them buttered popcorn with candies and juices. They must have feel of theater and enjoy the ambience around.

The birthday party movie should be one of the favorite movies of birthday boy or girl. The movie should match the celebration and happiness of the day. There are several movies which can enhance the celebration and are based on the birthday stories or any childhood stories by which children can relate them with the story.


Points to remember for Birthday Party Movies

The Invitation- Write down an invitation for birthday party of your child which invites everyone for birthday party movie and you can write down his age and surprise of the party. The most important thing for the party invitation is to write about the show timings but don’t write down the name of the movie, let it be the surprise for the guest.

Red Carpet- Every child would love that, you can make red carpet entry for the guest of your child to the movie theater room with any red fabric.  Make stars shaped cardboards and put names of the friends of your child and make them all feel special by the distinct welcome. This is one of the ways to make birthday party movie a great event for your child.

Candy Stand- The viewers of the theater are candy lovers and it is best to serve them their favorite. Put a candy stand in the room itself for self-service.

Popcorns– No matter what your age is, popcorn are best companion for movies. Regular popcorn cups for every child are must to do activity for the day.

Cupcakes- Cupcakes are yummy in taste and loved by children, you can have them in different taste in market.

Selection of movie– The movie should be selected according to the taste and mind of the viewers. The movie must catch the interest of all the viewers. The story must be related to children and give them moral at the end for a successful life.

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