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Kids Birthday Party Food Ideas

Yay! It’s time for a birthday party! Bunch of over-excited kids are going to stuff their mouth with the entirety of the finger licking birthday fodder. One among many delights of parents is to throw a great birthday fiesta, and to give their little monster’s an amazing childhood memory on this special day. While planning a good birthday party with the latest themes, decorations and all the preparations about birthday  party food menu, don’t forget to give importance to your children’s birthday party food ideas and the unique, kiddy, creative easy party snacks you can make yourself . From jelly cup snakes to creepy spider wafers and, from traffic cake pops to crafted and creative pizza submarines, there are great birthday party food ideas for kids to appeal every little party man on the guest list.

All the kids get the butterflies in their bellies for the most awaited day of the year. They wait for their birthday so eagerly, even though they don’t realize the meaning of the day. Satisfy the cravings of those little tykes with these enjoyable, funny, mouthwatering treats. Let them have the taste of all the tried and tested best children’s birthday party snacks. This collection of ideas we have here, features fabulous birthday cakes and fun foods that would impress any little one! So we present before you ‘The kid’s birthday party menu plan.

Kids Birthday Party Food Ideas

Find here delicious, attractive food for kid’s birthday party pleasing to the eyes, and satisfying to the tummy. Let your kid and his friends scream and run for the food that you will prepare after going through our birthday party food ideas for kids.

Kids Birthday Party Food Ideas


1. Sticky Popcorn Pots

This idea for birthday party food is so good and extremely yummy. All you need is some melted chocolate butter and sugar. You can make different shapes out of these sticky popcorns to attract your little ones. Make them and serve them in plastic cups.

2. Easy Reindeer Cupcakes

These cupcakes are super easy to make and are super cute. They win everyone’s heart can be used with birthday cakes. They can be decorated in numerous ways according to the demand of themes. This birthday party foods are must to have in the list of kid’s birthday party food menu.

3. Volcano Cake

To create a dazzling children treat you need to decorate a lofty Choco sponge with some molten toffee lava. Use different sugar icing animal and creatures on your Volcano cake. For making it extra special use birthday candles, fountains and cake sparkles.

4. Really Easy Lemonade

Lemonade is the perfect drink for the perfect birthday party as it is a humble and classic swill that everyone can enjoy. For kids it is a perfect drink on a hot summer’s day. Make this really easy lemonade as a healthy drink for the little ones. You can also serve it with plain frozen slices of lemon and can top it up with the remaining water.

5. Marshmallows Dipped in Chocolate

Marshmallows are always one of the favorite finger licks for the kids. Birthday guest will surely love these marshmallows half dipped lollipops. Put every marshmallow on a stick and make it look like a lollipop. Dip these lollipops in the white or dark chocolate. Sprinkle nuttiest, cake sparkles or small sugar ball over them.

6. Mini Pita Pizzas

These tiny pizzas are one of those fail-safe food items in any birthday parties. They are kid-friendly snacks and really good for birthday party food ideas because not only are they extremely easy to assemble but they are really delicious.

7. Cheeseburger & Chips

Homemade burgers beat shop-bought every single time and always add a personal touch to everything that you serve while you make them on your own.  Make tiny little cheese burger chips as they are easy to intake and attractive to kids.

8. Cheese & Fruit Sticks

A perennial much loved by the children, these sticks are easy to make and ready in seconds. This is to make you realize that we sometimes forget how worthy the simple things are. This is an easy birthday party snack to crunch up and a great healthy way for the kids to eat fruit. Just chop up your kids’ favorite fruits and firm cheese and thread the pieces onto sticks one by the other.

9. Toffee Apples

 All you need is some paddle pop sticks, caster sugar and some small red apples. You have to make them look like the lollipops. All you need to do is take a bunch of apples, stick them with a paddle pop stick and dip them in caster sugar syrup and voila you have candy apples, ready to serve.

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