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Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

The finest way to make your child happy is to throw a birthday party for kids. Birthday party is the best way to cheer up your little one and make your sweet angel feel adored and loved. Birthday is the most special occasion for kids. Every child expects a lot on his/her birthday and eagerly waits for the day to celebrate it with friends and family. With our sweet and cute birthday party ideas for kids, you can make your child happy and surprised on his most special day of the year.

There are numerous things for birthday party ideas for kids like birthday themes, location, sumptuous dishes, his favourite cookies and all your child’s desires for his/her birthday. We have elucidated many varied ideas for birthday party which can wreak smile on your beloved child’s face and let the day be best of his life.

You must invite your kid’s friends to the party and do not forget to put your kids favourite dishes on the menu. Now a days kid’s party are becoming more and more creative and original, ranging from the menu to the theme and the return gifts. It is desirable that you follow the latest trends and along with that put some creativity in the birthday party for kids.

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Want to celebrate the birthday party for kids this year in a unique way? But falling short on birthday party ideas for your little lovely lad? Should it be organised outdoors or at home? Facing difficulties in choosing the themes and activities for parties? We can help you make your little one’s birthday party for kids special with some unique ideas.

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

  • Themed Party: It is one of the most popular birthday party ideas for kids. But people seldom get it right. A Halloween or pirate theme is not good birthday party idea for kids.  You should choose a theme keeping your kid’s age in mind. You can choose your kid’s favourite color for the theme party. You can also opt for a rainbow theme, circus theme or forest theme.
  • Activities Party: Organise a party for kids and keep it interesting for them with a lot of games and activities with prizes. You can choose the activities from the following list: potato race, storytelling, acting, face painting, chocolate eating competition, dancing, quizzes and word games.
  • Costume Party: A costume party is one of the best birthday party ideas for kids. Help your child dress up like his favourite super hero or a princess or an angel, if that is what he likes.  It should be kept simple so that the kids can pull it off. You should not discourage your child if he comes up with any challenging idea.
  • Picnic Party: You can organise the birthday party for your kid at the nearest picnic or camping side. You can also take the kids for fishing or boating or the nearest amusement park.
  • Sight-seeing Party: To make your sweetheart’s birthday party for kids unique, you can take them to the museum or to a historical site and give them a cup cake or cookies party.
  • Sleep-over Party: You can invite your child’s friends over and you can have a little snack party and can have a story telling session and carom or word-making games.
  • Treasure Hunt Party: It is one of the latest ideas of a birthday party for kids. But try to keep the treasure hunt area small and inside the house and every location should have some reward for the kids like a cookie box or a gift bag or costumes and so on.
  • Basketball Party: You can organise a basketball game for birthday party for kids. Followed by a juice, sandwich and snacks treat. The kids should be rewarded for every basket and blocking of the throw.
  • The Alice in Wonderland Party: For this birthday party for kids invite all the kids dressed up like the characters of the movie. The venue should also be decorated as per the theme to bring in authenticity. There can also be some acting game where the children enact a scene from the movie.
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