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Birthday Party Menu Ideas

Organizing a birthday party is never a cakewalk especially when it comes to the party menu ideas. So add variety and taste to your platter with our birthday party meal ideas. These birthday party menu ideas for dinner and brunch will allow you to attend the guests without worrying about the pizzas collapsing in the microwave.

An ideal birthday party menu for both dinner and brunch should include plenty of snacks and appetizers and an array of drinks, so that every guest has something to munch on. You should also confirm with your guests about any possible food allergy. Also, you should balance your birthday party meal with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. An ideal birthday party menu idea should match the party theme, type of people and venue. For instance, a gourmet lunch for a picnic party will be an inapt combination. A great birthday party menu idea should please the guests without ruining the bank statement of the host. Another thing one must keep in mind is that the food menu of the party should complement each other. Serving pasta alongside butter chicken or Manchurian is a disastrous menu idea.

In the same way, if you are planning to outsource the catering of the birthday party meal. Then you should make all the required bookings well in advance to get discounts and avoid any compromise on the quality.

Browse through our birthday party food menu ideas for adults to make your party a hit among your guests.

Birthday Party Menu Ideas

Menu Ideas for Birthday Party

  • Finger food Buffet: It is the best birthday party food menu idea if you plan a casual talk and mingle party. A buffet is a great meal idea for birthday party if you want to serve a variety of food to a large crowd. However, the consumption of food is more in a buffet than a sit down meal. So you should make sure that the bowls are not empty before the guests leave. The menu of finger foods can include chicken wings, stuffed cherry tomatoes, home-made fries, mini bacon quiches, garden salad, pasta salad, veggie sticks, garlic bread toasts and a variety of dipping sauces. Drinks can include pop up sodas, iced tea, juice, tea and coffee.
  • Gourmet Dinner: If you have planned an elaborate and fancy themed birthday party in the evening, a gourmet dinner is the best menu idea for your birthday party. The entries can include Mexican stuffed potatoes, peri peri chicken and crispy chilli potatoes as starters. Apricot-glazed grilled salmon steaks, kababs, fig-stuffed chicken breasts or artichoke heart and fried tuna fish can be assorted for the main course. But you should prefer placing this order to a caterer if the gathering is large.
  • Picnic Lunch: A great birthday party food menu idea can be an outdoor party filled with some light picnic dishes. The menu can include fried chicken, mutton balls, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers along with some side dishes like potato salad, vegetable sandwiches, Italian pasta salad and creamy egg tomato salad. The dessert can include cupcakes, brownies, cake bars and caramel cookies. Do not forget the chilled lemonade, iced tea and coke.
  • Simple Food: If you are planning a small get together on your birthday, party menu ideas can include a simple menu comprising of fried wontons, spring rolls or egg rolls, sweet and sour meat balls, tortilla chips with fried beans, diced tomatoes, nacho cheese, salsa and sour cream. Make sure that the dips are served in 2-3 sets to avoid a waiting line for it. Grace the party food menu with a few varieties of wraps. It can include chicken wraps, cottage cheese wraps and grilled fish wraps. The birthday cake can serve as the sweet dish for this kind of party food menu.
  • Home-made Food: A fabulous birthday party meal idea for adults can be a home-made food if you are an enthusiastic cook and want it easy on your pocket. You should keep a lot of variety in the party menu ranging from hot and cold to sweet and sour. Add a zing to your table with some appetizers like cream cheese balls with salsa or bean dip, deviled eggs spiced up with powdered potato seasonings. Give a kick to the traditional tomato and cucumber salad with red cider vinegar and black pepper for your birthday party meal. The main course can include pulled pork with cold potato salad and chives, lemon chicken, steamed shrimp with old bay seasonings, teriyaki chicken and cheese fondue. Deserts can include pudding parfaits with fruits, cookies and ice-cream sandwiches and chocolate dipped strawberries.
  • Other birthday party menu ideas can include an outdoor Barbecue Meal or a casual Drinks and Snacks Party at home.
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