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Birthday Party Activities

Birthday Party Activities for Kids should be such that your child along with his friends can enjoy to their fullest since it is the most waited day for the birthday boy/girl. It is an occasion where your child can feel everyone’s love and also let others to be a part of his/her happy moment. There are so many things on birthdays like birthday cake, pastries, candies, ice creams and presents. Still Birthday Party Activity has its own importance and charm. Birthday Games for Kids put more fun and excitement to children and make the party interesting.  Birthday party activities have many options and create excitement and enthusiasm in children. They turn party into a great fun and engage all the children together and teach them a lesson as well.

Parents must prepare themselves well for the party and do arrangements for the occasion. To surprise the child, mom-dad can invite his/her friends and organise interesting Birthday Party Activities Games, secretly. These activities can even tally with the theme of the party. Care needs to be taken that the party becomes a joyous occasion for all. Select according to the choice of your child and number of children in the party.

Birthday Party Activities

In order to gift your kid with the most memorable birthday party, here are few tips that can guide to arrange the best Birthday Party Activities.

Birthday Party Activities

  • Magical Cake Hunt: You need to have pen, pencil, cake and cardboards. Write down hints to on every card and one hint will lead them to another, it will be great fun for children to unfold every hint and lead to another. Make a story and ask them to find the cake as wicked queen has stolen the birthday and we have to find it. Finally children will find it near the cake table and will love to get achievement of their effort.
  • Musical Chair: Just set up the chairs and lovely music for children to enjoy. Arrange the chairs facing opposite to each other and one short from the number of players and start the music. The children have to settle down on the chairs as the music stops and the left over child will be out. Every time one player is out, you can remove one chair to continue the name and in the last when two players are left with single chair, the winner has to occupy the chair as the music stops.
  • WHO AM I?: Another fun birthday party game is who am I? It is played by pasting any picture or name of the personality; it may be from cartoon characters, stars from the movie or any destinations.  Then everyone would ask to other person about his personality and he/she has to answer in yes or no. The winner will be the one who guess the write answer about the personality. It is great fun to play.
  • LIMBO (How low can you go): In this game you need to set up a bar which can be raised and lowered down and two people will hold the bar.  Every child needs to take a turn going under the bar and music will be played at the background. Children will face forward under the bar and lean back.  The child who will go to the lowest will win the game.
  • Balloon Fight: Here all you need to do is blow up balloon as per the kids. Dedicate one balloon to each of them with their names on it. Then allow ask them to throw their balloons into the air and keep them up by frequently hitting them. At same time they also hit their competitor’s balloons in order to burst them. The one to stay till the last with his/her balloon still in the air will be the winner.
  • Hop and Pop: Like the previous one, even this game is associated with balloons. Here instead of pushing them up into the air, the balloons will be tired to the kid’s ankle and they need to burst each other’s balloon by any means while keeping their own ones safe. The one to save his/her balloon till the end will be the one to take home the trophy.
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