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Women You Should Never Date

Are you in Danger or Dating someone that you should never ever date?  In this big world there are many things that men try to understand, and there is only one thing that has plagued the men’s mind for time-with-no-end is the ‘WOMEN’. Understanding a women or to know the right women to date is a very griming thing in the whole dating game. When we talk about types of women there are some things that makes you turn and run in the very start or some gives you no exit, once you are in their custody.  So be smart about your dating and know the types of women you should never date.

We always complain about men and always keep that soft corner for women, are we being really fair? It’s not always men who are to be blamed. Face it; there are also some things about women that are afar to be judge as good human behavioural practices.  These are some traits and characteristics that may look common but if you can see them clearly then you are seeing a grave danger coming, back-off, or you will fall on the face. We give best of dating advices to understand women types and to make right dating choices – use them before you end up exhausting yourself completely.

Women You Should Never Ever Date

If you are a women and want to be the perfect girl of his dreams make sure you avoid these behaviour practices and start changing your habits. Here we give the types of woman that man should avoid dating.

Women That Men Should Avoid Dating

1. Miss extremely jealous who has hot friends, but never wants to bring them out.

She is a very popular type of women. She is always suspicious and disturbing. They may look caring and being truly in love initially. But they will distraught themselves just by being doubtful and will be on the edge of burning out of jealousy for everything you do. (A little jealousy is a good sign of a healthy relationship but excess of it is something not okay.)

2. Miss “Bossy Pants” – Only Leader

She will make you feel as if you are in a grammar school being told – what to do by his second grade teacher. From choosing eating-places to theatres, from your clothes to your career, she tells you what to do and what not to do. She can’t even help; she has ‘bossy’ in her DNA.

3. Miss Born Star – “I am the best’

And you are a fool, a loser! She is a successful and you got attracted, you need her but doe she need you the same way? You respect her does she respect you for who you actually are, and not what you are (I mean money-honey)? Men will be pleased to have someone independent who is down-to-earth and someone who can still make them feel needed.

4. Miss “Looking for Ex”- Consistently dates men who are similar to her first boyfriend

Some women like to circle around their past. She is just not over with her past and looks for her Ex in you. She has been dumped and to fulfil that rejection-psyche she is dating you. It’s just a one sided relationship aimed to fulfil one’s own desires.

 5. Miss Cling-On “ I Live For You And I Have Nothing Else Going On”

All she need is you to be all around her. When you met her she was an independent woman but today, wherever she goes and whatever she does she just need you to be there always. She calls you and relies completely on you to entertain her, she basically has no life just you.

6. Miss Windbag “Shhh, I Shouldn’t Really Be Saying This, But…”

She is a big chatter box, always talks about her friends and her family. She gossips around about all the people and their problems all day long. No guy will like a woman who gossips a lot- a busy bee. At first you may find her interesting or entertaining but at the end of the day you just want to leave the place.

7. Miss Complaint Box

She never appreciates you and keep on complaining and nags you about do’s and dont’s of your life. And how you must behave in a relationship, at this point – you may end up losing your confidence and self-respect. Love is like a free bird and needs space and no-boundaries to grow.

8.  Miss “I Want to Change You” – Comparisons galore

Never, ever date a girl who wants to change you and compare you with others, you are one of a kind and she must respect and accept you as you are, not what she wants you to be. She is searching something that she desires in you and that she will never find. (You can’t grow it in a day)


9. Miss read my mind “Playing Games with His Heart”

Playing games in a relationship or before starting a relationship is a good idea to keep that liveliness. You may see her as hard-to-get types, but if she will keep on playing such games with you, she assures her every time what all you can do to get her and this behaviour will stay forever.


10. Miss “High Maintenance”

Men may like highly maintained women, but many won’t like to wait for them when they are busy getting their hand and foot done.  There are two types- one looks after maintaining everything- even the household and the other one just concentrate on maintaining herself. You can choose the right one.


TIP: Most men just want a happy and easy going woman with good values, so just focus on putting the best YOU out there.

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